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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harris' Lead Up To 53,500 Votes

Kamala Harris has once again expanded her lead in the race for California Attorney General, based upon returns filed with the Secretary of State on Monday, November 23. Harris now leads L.A. D.A. Steve Cooley by 53,581 votes. The S.O.S. reports just under 400,000 ballots left to be processed by counties statewide, though an L.A. Times analysis puts that number at under 300,000.

(The S.O.S. reports of ballots remaining to be processed has seemed to lag data from the count of ballots throughout this process. It would be helpful if that office could coordinate that report with the county-by-county reports, or set out a clear statement of what that count truly represents.)

The counties reporting on Monday, according to the S.O.S., included pro-Cooley counties Butte, Orange (which had earlier reported that they had completed their vote count), Riverside (where Harris actually picked up 279 votes over Cooley for the day), San Diego and Ventura. Pro-Harris counties reporting were Imperial, Los Angeles (where Harris' margin was 8,922 votes), Marin, Monterey, Napa and Santa Clara. Sacramento County, which favored Cooley in initial tallies, but whose later tallies favored Harris, also reported.

While there may be some bumps along the road based upon which counties are reporting, we expect Harris to hold at least a 40,000 vote lead from here on out, with a likely final margin of at least 50,000, and likely in excess of 60,000 votes.

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